| January 9, 2009 |

Happy New Year!!! I'm in the process of putting some new tutorials up!!
Got a new one up now!! Queen of Hearts! Sorry about the lack of updates and tutorials, but I am going to work on keeping up!
I'm still designing scrapkits, but the store name has changed to Cotton Candy Kreations! Got a new Valentine's kit up and the Queen of Hearts tutorial uses it!

I've also been doing some tags with my free kits and will be writing some tutorials for those as well!

I will post the tutorial updates on my blog first so check there during the week!

Have a good new year and will be "seeing" you around more!!!

Newest Tuts

Photo 1 01.09.2009

Tutorial using my Queen of Hearts kit. Queen of Hearts.

Photo 1 04.10.2008

Tutorial using my Elijah's Promise kit. One Star.